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Our Services

BYO can provide as much or as little help as required because we realise every project and client’s needs differ. Sometimes our clients prefer us to take more leadership in the pre-construction and design process, providing guidance on how to make the most of their property and achieve their goals. Operating with a QBCC Open Building Designer's License we are fully qualified to design any building type in QLD and houses, duplexes and Townhouses in NSW.


Acting as your pre-construction project manager, we set out a staged timeline that works towards being build-ready in a structured and methodical way to avoid delays and council surprises. 

Typically our services follow the below Stages. (Stages 3-5 are optional)

  0. Predesign: Project Briefing, Site Analysis and local planning searches for your property

  1. Concept Design and/or Facade design

  2. Working Drawings - For 1 Builder to quote from (also used for Building Approval)

  3. Tender Package - Full set of drawings and interior design documents to allow multiple builders to quote.

  4. Value Management - Assistance and drawing amendments to adjust construction cost or design

  5. Support during construction (Phone and email support, site visits, extra drawings)

A description of each of the design stages and how they contribute to a successful project is here.

Our Fees


We pride ourselves on being upfront regarding our professional fees. For most new build residential projects, you will be able to estimate many of our fees based on the breakdown below. However, we will provide you with a written quote so you can rest easy knowing what's included. If your proposed project requires development approval, as do most duplexes, townhouses, units, and most 3 storey homes, an extra service stage 1.5 will be offered. Please note all prices listed below exclude GST.


Typical Fee Structure: Based on the stages above


Included in Concept Design Fee

Typically after an initial meeting, we can gather any preliminary site and planning information, to identify the limitations and opportunities of your property. Each project requires a unique amount of predesign depending on how much information you have already and the complexity of the project. See Property Analysis Report

1. Concept Design: 

Based on $120/hr + GST, Typically 30-50 hours

With an established brief, we can provide a fixed fee agreement for the Concept Design stage, so you know what's involved and aren't yet committed to technical drawings. We will base our fee on an estimate of hours required to turn your design dreams into reality, typically presenting them in refined floor plan drawings and 3D perspectives. If desired we can also create a concept 3D model which can be interactively viewed and rotated on mobile devices 


2. Working Drawings for 1 Builder:

If your project is a new build house, fees will be based on the square metre rates listed below. These drawings are also suitable for submission to a private certifier to be assessed for Building Approval. 

Optional services for interior design are also available and their pricing is based on the type of service and customisation of design you'd like.


Square Meter Rates 

  • Entry level home: $12.50/m2 + GST

  • Mid level Home: $15.00/m2 + GST

  • Luxury Home (Includes Hamptons)​ From $20.00/m2 + GST

Commercial  projects, Renovations, Carports, Duplexs, Townhouses and for buildings under 100m2, a fixed fee agreement will be prepared based on the project's requirements

3. Tender Package: (Optional)

To enable more more than one builder to quote on an identical design, extra design documents are prepared mostly relating to the interior design and fit-out of the home. Based on designs and decisions we have agreed upon and developed through an interior design process, we select all the key items builders will need to allow for. There really is no point having multiple builders quoting different fixtures and fittings as this can easily sway the quote 15% either way. 

Pricing of this stage will be tailored to the level of detail, luxury and design consideration desired.

4. Value Management: (Optional)

Following discussions with the builder(s), amendments may be agreed in relation to reducing cost or new design thinking that will need to be formally communicated by updating various drawings or schedules. This revised ‘Contract Set’ of documents is what is attached to your building contract and becomes the main reference for construction. As there is no way to predict the scope of service required here, these amendments can be provided hourly rates or a fixed fee to be advised at the time.

Drawing amendments, correspondence and meetings billed at $120 per hour + GST.  


5. Service During Construction (Optional)

When construction is underway, builders can ask lots of technical questions and may need assistance with unforeseen renovation discoveries! If you’d like somebody to stay in touch with the builder to talk the construction lingo on your behalf, BYO Floor Plan can provide this service. Regular meetings onsite for walk-throughs are the best way to catch any oversights before they cause time major delays or you get stuck with them. A key part of this service is identifying defects at practical completion before you make the final payment to the builder.

Pricing of this stage will be tailored to the level of service required, often dictated by how complex the construction is.



Note: Some architects and designers use a percentage of construction cost to determine their fees and regulate their invoice values. Although nice for the architect, this method places the client at risk because construction projects rarely have cost savings equal to the value of potential increases. Expensive foundations or structural costs, attractive builder upgrades, and miscellaneous additions all can cause the budget to stretch which would increase the invoice values. BYO Floor Plan will always provide a fixed quote for authorization,  before commencing the relative services.


"Just want to say your work is outstanding & I just wouldn't have got this far without your assistance. You've been fabulous with some real council issues to deal with which I knew would come up with the wretched easement! So thank you so much, you've been wonderful helping me get this far"

Maryanne Wilson, Renovator in Robina

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